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Traditional shutters

Traditional shutters

Traditional shutters

Traditional shutters

Traditional shutters work as a cover for doors or windows and they are usually installed outside the frames. They are ideal for:

  1. sunlight protection
  2. privacy
  3. security

More specifically, our company’s synthetic hinged shutter systems comply with the requirements of the Directive 89/106/EC and are fully harmonized with the European Standards for construction ΕΝ14351-1/2006 & Α1/2010, ΕΝ1026/2000, ΕΝ1027/2000.

There are no specific instructions for the system’s maintenance as its care is pretty easy. Cleaning with pure water is sufficient as water doesn’t damage its materials.

Hard PVC is the profile’s raw material, specifically made for external use. It is enriched with sun-protecting material for colour preservation, and it is also reinforced with tempered material, perfect for striking strength.

We use the German RENOLIT S.E. profile foil that guarantees the best possible result with regard to the required specifications for countries with really warm and sunny weather, like Greece is.

The mechanisms of the shutters are ROTO or MACO and they are provided with a protection and good operation certification. For the certification to be valid, the below conditions must be followed:

  • Regular cleaning (washing) of all accessories with water.
  • NOT ALLOWED (FORBIDDEN) to use caustic or acid cleaning products.
  • Lubrication of all moving parts, once a year, with simple engine oil.

The quality and the construction materials make this shutter system the most economic and trustworthy solution with high service life and the lowest maintenance cost in the course of time.

Lately, the system has been improved and modernized in terms of aesthetics. There is a great colour palette to choose from as well as a great variety of textures available, as it is desirable to keep the traditional style.

Traditional shutters
Traditional shutters
Traditional shutters

Available Colors

Achatgrau (7038 05-167) Anthrazitgrau (7016 05-167) Brillantblau (500 05-167) Dunkelblau (5030 05-167) Dunkelgrün (6125 05-167) Golden Oak (2178001-167) Grau (7155 05-167) Lichtgrau (7251 05-167) Nussbaum (2178007-167) Papyrus weiss (F 456 5058) Seidengrau (F 436 5031) White - Λευκό

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Leoplast is mainly specializes in the manufacturing of shutter systems of traditional type. LEOPLAST also produces plastic profiles and accessories. Since 2009 the company has started the construction of manufacturing synthetic shutters of traditional type.


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