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LEOPLAST was founded in 2005. It specializes in the production of plastic profiles and accessories with the use of extruder and injection machines. The company is based in privately owned facilities in Aiginio in Pieria regional unit, Greece.

The company’s main characteristics are: great experience in the designing and construction of moulds for the production of plastic profiles and accessories, high quality raw materials used in the production process and excellent customer service.

Since 2011 the company owns its own department of vertical integration of production (profile production, processing - wrapping with foil and construction - montage) that specializes in the construction of fringed synthetic shutters of traditional type.

The use of top quality raw materials in combination with the great knowledge and education of the personnel ensures the delivery of an end product that satisfies even the most demanding customers' needs.

From the very beginning, LEOPLAST aims at preserving and applying three basic standards: trust-respect-honesty. In this way, the company makes sure that its customers are fully satisfied with top quality customer services.

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Leoplast is mainly specializes in the manufacturing of shutter systems of traditional type. LEOPLAST also produces plastic profiles and accessories. Since 2009 the company has started the construction of manufacturing synthetic shutters of traditional type.


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