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Traditional shutters
Traditional shutters | Leoplast

Traditional shutters | Leoplast

Traditional shutters | Leoplast

Τα παραδοσιακά παντζούρια είναι μία από τις κύριες δραστηριότητες της Leoplast. Η “LEOPLAST” δραστηριοποιείται επίσης στην παραγωγή πλαστικών προφίλ κι εξαρτημάτων. Από το 2009 έχει εντάξει στην παραγωγική της διαδικασία και την κατασκευή ανοιγόμενου συνθετικού παντζουριού.


Experience and Specialization
Our company EXCLUSIVELY specializes in specific production procedures of similar products and our main goal is to exceed the quality expectations of our customers though technical excellence and continuous improvement.
Consistent Quality
Our overriding concern is the consistent quality of all of our products and constructions, which is succeeded through constant and meticulous inspection of our raw materials.
On Time Deliveries
On time shipments and deliveries are at the top of our priority list.
The compliance with the agreed terms and conditions in our customer agreements is a main priority of LEOPLAST.
Continuous Updating
Our partners are being updated in written for all the production details, as well as about the exact cost and the delivery times of their orders.
After Sales Servicer
Our company is available and willing to resolve any problems that may arise or provide the explanations required even AFTER the delivery of your order. We have a continuous communication plan with our customers as we always strive to provide best service possible.
Profile wrapping
LEOPLAST has the appropriate equipment and the right know-how in order to be able to wrap cross-sections of plastic profiles with PVC foil. Our company uses materials and colours from Renolit AG and other similar companies overseas. All welding materials comply with the required specifications of the production companies with regard to durability to every possible difficult climate condition.


Shading Systems


Παρουσίαση του εσωτερικού σκιαδίου στην INFACOMA 2018 04 March 2019

Η κατασκευή του εσωτερικού συνθετικού σκιαδίου ολοκληρώθηκε και παρουσιάζεται επίσημε στην “INFACOMA 2018”.

Συμμετοχή της Leoplast στην INFACOMA 2018 04 March 2019

Για ακόμη μία χρονιά συμμετείχαμε στην “INFACOMA 2018” που έλαβε χώρα στο MEC ΠΑΙΑΝΙΑΣ από 9 έως Φεβρουαρίου.

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Technology Vouchers

Τhe enterprise LEONIDIS VASILEIOS AND Co L.P. with headquarters in the Region of Central Macedonia,  was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union for the implementation of its project under the Action “Technology Vouchers for small and micro enterprises of the Region of Central Macedonia ".

The Action is aimed at empowering small and micro enterprises, through the purchase of innovative ICT applications, in order to strengthen the ICT implementation strand, as key support technology, to achieve improvements in productivity terms and promotional activities.


Technology Vouchers


Competitiveness Toolbox


Leoplast is mainly specializes in the manufacturing of shutter systems of traditional type. LEOPLAST also produces plastic profiles and accessories. Since 2009 the company has started the construction of manufacturing synthetic shutters of traditional type.


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